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Pro Purpose 3 - Salon Purpose and Fantastic Aussie Tours

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Collective impact can change the world

There is a growing trend in the world of business to be purpose-led, to make an impact, and to have a social conscience.  This has been a hot button topic in recent years and has seen the growth of the social enterprise sector, as well as many businesses aligning with the B Corp movement.

Pro Purpose is one initiative enabling small to medium businesses in Australia which exist to make a profit and which do not have the capacity to go through the rigorous B Corp approval process, to make a social impact in the course of their daily business workflow.

Helping Hands had the privilege of joining two Pro Purpose businesses – Salon Purpose and Fantastic Aussie Tours – to see how they have been equipped by Pro Purpose to make the world a better place and to see how their businesses are changing lives as a result.

“At Pro Purpose, we’re about inspiring and uniting businesses who come with a desire to use their businesses for a purpose. And so, we help uncover that for a business, help connect them to a charitable project and build a pledge. Then, all of those proceeds go towards an impact on the ground,” explains Pro Purpose Founder and CEO, Alana Nicholls.


Salon Purpose

Salon Purpose was founded in Manly on Sydney’s Northern Beaches with the mission to make a positive impact. They go beyond delivering exceptional hair services and create a luxury experience for clients. The salon has a number of purpose-led initiatives, such as One Chair One Child, where they sponsor one child in a developing country for every chair in the salon, and the annual With Love campaign, which allows clients to donate $25 from their service to a life-changing cause of their choice. 

“At Salon Purpose, our core belief is that a business can, and should be, a force for good," said Nicki Ranatawake, founder and director of Salon Purpose. "From the very beginning, we set out to create a salon that not only delivers high-end hair services but also makes a positive impact in the lives of others. Our annual With Love campaign is a perfect example of our commitment to this belief.”

Fantastic Aussie Tours

Based in Katoomba in the beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW, Fantastic Aussie Tours provide memorable experiences for their passengers.

The company’s Blue Mountains Explorer Bus is as iconic as the Blue Mountains themselves and is an institution for local tourism. Celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2024, Fantastic Aussie Tours’ fleet of 14 buses and luxury coaches show patrons beautiful sights all around Australia, in addition to also hosting tours world-wide.

“Part of our DNA,” says CEO, Jason Cronshaw, “is that we gift 10% of our profit to charity every year. The One Bus One Child (initiative) sponsors a child through World Vision … We’ve got fourteen vehicles, so fourteen children in Africa (are sponsored)”.

The CEO and Founder of Pro Purpose, Alana Nicholls says, “Our collective impact will change the world because it will transform millions of lives. Our goal, by 2033, is that we have 70,000 Pro Purpose businesses and, collectively, have given one billion dollars towards impact. Sometimes, by ourselves, we think we can only do so much, but together, we can do amazing things.”


See THE PRO PURPOSE – SALON PURPOSE AND FANTASTIC AUSSIE TOURS story and the full catalogue of Helping Hands documentaries at Catch up on full episodes of Helping Hands on 9NOW.


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