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Life of Sacrifice and Service

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Keys to living an impactful life

We all know someone who is living an impactful life. For panellists, Darren Thomas, Raewyn Elsegood and Keith Garner, who join host, Laura Bennett, on this episode of Helping Hands, living an impactful life has evolved gradually through a series of choices, often in response to their realisation that they can be the answer to a present need. 

If your goal is to live an impactful life, then here is the key: be prepared to live a life of sacrifice and service. 

“I think if you’re going to achieve anything, there’s an element of sacrifice,” Keith Garner, Former Superintendent of Wesley Mission explains. “Sacrifice is part of what it means to live life and to give the best.” 

Darren Thomas, Vice Chair of Military Christian Fellowship, witnessed others making the ultimate sacrifice, during his time with the Army. “Your life changes when you see a coffin with an Australian, or any nation’s flag on it, and then sacrifice takes on a different meaning completely, and the cost of it is far more felt.” 

He believes the often unseen sacrifices made by the families left at home are vital. “I don’t have a clue what my wife did while I was away, because it just got done,” he says of his time on deployment. “When I came home, her sacrifice meant so much to me, and I got the medal and they didn’t.”  

Many of us wouldn’t think to thank those who work behind the scenes, enabling others to be on the front line, whether in the army, as a chaplain, parent or minister, or in myriad walks of life. But gratitude and acknowledgement is important. 

Raewyn Elsegood is a Sports Chaplain. She began by helping on the sidelines of her daughter’s netball games, eventually supporting some of the families on the team, who needed some care and support. As a result, Raewyn became a fully qualified Sports Chaplain, a role which encapsulates a life of sacrifice and service, as it is a volunteer-based role. 

Her advice to anyone looking to have an impact? “Don’t wait. It’s usually right under your nose,” she says of seeking out opportunities to help others and make a positive difference. “If you just pause long enough in your busy world, you’ll actually see what’s right there. If you look around you, at the people you love and the things you enjoy doing, there are often opportunities to lend a hand.” 

Keith advises that for anyone wanting to have an impact, interruptions are to be expected. “If you’re going to give yourself to a life of sacrifice, you have to recognise that most of the important things that happen in life are not planned,” he says. “They interrupt your stability, your goals and you get then, a greater goal.” 

“That’s a nuisance because you’ve got all these things to do, then suddenly knocking at your door is need, knocking at your door is hurt. You’ve got to be prepared to step into that place to offer something better.” 

It’s a timely reminder for all of us. Taking the time to look at what is going on around us, to whom we might be able to lend a helping hand, thanking the people who make unseen sacrifices and being open to untimely interruptions puts us in good stead for living an impactful life of sacrifice and service.


Darren, Raewyn and Keith will join host Laura Bennett, to share so much more of their expertise on living a life of sacrifice and service when Helping Hands airs from Saturday, February 24 on 9GEM, Channel 9 and 9NOW.


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