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Living a life of purpose

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What does it mean to live with purpose?

Purpose is a fundamental factor of happiness. Many people, at different stages of life, ask, What is my purpose? Although this often-daunting question may have no clear answer, it’s one that has wonderful potential to inspire growth, meaning and contentment.  

On this week’s episode of Helping Hands, host, Laura Bennett is joined by former Wesley Mission Superintendent Keith Garner, military serviceman Darren Thomas, and sports chaplain Raewyn Elsegood, to discuss what it means to live a life of purpose.  

Drawing from his experiences in the military, Darren Thomas says there are two types of purpose; the purpose and your purpose.  

The purpose are operations or exercises that complete a task or achieve a goal. “Your purpose looks and smells different for each individual,” says Darren, based on circumstance and life experience.  

Keith Garner suggests that purpose and goals are interconnected. He explains that purpose is driven by goals, and the best kind of goals have personal significance to you. 

“When you put (purpose) into practice, and you see people enhanced and changed by (the) small things that you do… I get great satisfaction out of that.” 

Interacting with athletes on a regular basis, Raewyn Elsegood says ‘the why’ is an important factor when identifying purpose. 

“In community sport, (the main purpose) would be fun… Some of the parents want a sense of belonging… (and) there’s others that really want to get to that elite level, and that’s their purpose,” says Raewyn. 

Keith also addresses the common assumption that purpose must be linked to success. If this is the case, he says, failure to reach a successful outcome can be heartbreaking. It can hinder your contentment, hamper your ability to see the meaning gained in life through your experiences, and the growth from lessons learned during the journey.  

“For me, purpose is much more about what you are as a person, how you use (the) gifts you’ve got, how you use the abilities that you have, and how you use those to the full.’  


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