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Media Kit - Documentaries

If you're in the business of making the world a better place,
you need to be on Helping Hands.

This is for big and small business, social enterprise, charities, foundations, community groups and individuals who make a positive impact, and play their part in making the world a better place.

If that's you, see below and please get in touch.



Helping Hands is a weekly half hour television program.  Airs on 9GEM, Channel 9 and 9Now.

We started in January 2023, and each episode features:
• 10 minute documentary which features the purpose-driven work of the people and organisations who make the world a better place, and
• 6-8 minute panel discussion with experts and community leaders discussing social topics; educating and empowering viewers to be a positive influence in their world.



Audience and Reach

The largest viewing demographic is people aged 50 years and over who earn more than $130 000 per annum in professional, management or administration jobs.

Viewership by gender and age:
• 44% of total viewers are women aged 50 years and over.
• 30% of total viewers are men aged 50 years and over.

Viewership by income:
• 28% of total viewers on Channel 9 earn more than $130 000 per annum.
• 28% of total viewers on 9GEM earn between $30 000 - $49 999 per annum.

Viewership by occupation:
• 49% of total viewers are Managers, Administrators or Professionals.
• 24% of total viewers are Para-Professionals, Clerks, Teachers, Salespeople and Professional Service Workers.


* Source: Oztam, June 2023.
* Total sample size 12 776 people across Australia.
* Average weekly viewership on Channel 9 and 9GEM combined is 9 100 people.
* Weekly viewers represent 3.5% audience share.


The online audience is primarily women aged 35-64 years.  Reach has grown by 89% on Facebook and 165% on Instagram in June 2023 compared to the 90 days prior.

Helping Hands has reached over 6 000 people in May and June 2023.

Online audience by gender:
• 78% women
• 22% men

Online audience by age:
• 29% aged 35-44 years
• 28% aged 45-54 years (8% men)
• 25% aged 55-64 years

Engagement by platform:
• Facebook increased by 25% in the past 90 days compared to the same period prior.
• Instagram increased by 66% in the past 90 days compared to the same period prior.

* Source: Meta, June 2023.



Documentary Segment

The 10 minute documentaries are a sponsored segment, provide loads of marketing collateral and exceptional value.

Receive TV, radio, online and social media exposure and marketing collateral that can be used before, during and after the broadcast.

Exposure and Marketing Collateral includes:
• 10 minute documentary with national exposure.
• Broadcast on 9GEM, Channel 9 and 9Now.
• Distribution onto the websites of 38 radio stations across Australia which reach over 2 million people each week.
• 300-word article based on your 10 minute documentary.
• 3 minute video cut-down of your 10 minute documentary.
• 3 x social media clips (up to 60 seconds each).
• Front page exposure on on the week of broadcast.
• Logo placement on the Helping Hands directory.
• Feature video post on Helping Hands social media channels.
• Exposure in the Helping Hands newsletter.
• The ability to reference Channel 9, 9GEM and 9Now in marketing collateral, e.g. "As seen on Channel 9, 9GEM, 9Now."
• The ability to link to your episode on 9NOW.
• The ability to link to and showcase your episode on 9Now.
• The ability to use the marketing collateral before, during and after your broadcast.
• Invitation to Helping Hands functions and events.


Only $12 000 ex gst (saving of 50% off rack rate).

Two or more documentaries - $10 000 ex gst each.

Broadcast on:


Selection of 10 minute documentaries:



The exposure is AMAZING and the marketing collateral will help us empower more girls and women across Australia.
- Mel Thomas (Founder, KYUP! Project)


Since appearing on Helping Hands, we've had emails offering donations, people wanting to get involved, and others wanting to start their own tool library.
- Amy Croucher (Founder, Inner West Tool Library)


Our registrations and support have doubled since appearing on Helping Hands.
- Robyn Morris (Founder, Teapot Ministries)



Tax Deductible Donations

If you have a supporter who would like to see you benefit from the exposure offered by Helping Hands, they can sponsor your segment and receive a tax-deduction.

Click here to find out about tax-deductible sponsorship.


All donations above $2 are tax-deductible, and will help to showcase the people and organisations who make the world a better place.



Contact us for more about Helping Hands, and other Program and Segment Sponsorship Opportunities.

Get in touch:
Richard Attieh
Executive Producer
02 9966 9596
0407 708 466

Helping Hands

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